Writing Is Pre-writing

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Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you’ve probably heard the phrase “writing is rewriting”. This is absolutely accurate. I’ll probably write a future post on this, but for now, I wanted to establish that I am talking about something different here.

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When the hours of the day are comprised of varying combinations of family, friends, work, and other activities, writing time can be limited. Precious, really. The last thing you want to do is take that jewel and toss it down the drain.

Many writing efforts are like that. If you’re a writer like me, you’ve logged hundreds of hours staring a blank screen, jaw and fingers slack. It’s frustrating to think you’re squandering that rare opportunity to conjure some magic from a keyboard.

But what if you could take that wasted time and expend it elsewhere?

Think of all the opportunities you have in a given day. Walking the dog. Sitting in traffic during your morning commute. Waiting in line for coffee. During a workout. Walking from your car to your office. Sitting in a boring meeting hoping it becomes interesting room waiting for it to begin. These are all excellent times to put a little thought toward your writing.

Think about your character. Write a few quick notes.

Consider a key plot point. Make notes!

As yourself if the ending makes sense. WRITE IT DOWN!

After filling a few of these open spaces with thoughts about your story, you have what you need to make the most of that precious keyboard time. Like any new habit, it takes a little time to become effortless. But what would you rather do: bang your head against the keyboard or sit there being productive?

don music1I love Don Music from Sesame Street.

In this post from last October, I suggested calling it pre-writing. It’s been successful for me, which is fantastic on those days when I have to be a product manager, mentor, father, husband, friend, Scout leader, dog walker, and family tech support. Each minute at the keyboard really is precious, but now, so are those little slices of time when I can devote every thought to my manuscript.

Fill your days with progress, not regret.


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© Michael Wallevand, May 2017


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