The words of a skilled writer will evoke images like a sorceror conjures spells. Seemingly from nothing, a story emerges, transporting the reader to another world.

While words alone can work a certain magic in the mind’s eye, illustrations put form and motion to both noun and verb, breathing greater life into written descriptions. Nowhere is this truer – and perhaps more needed – than in a novel for children.

Since his own drawing capabilities follow the fine tradition of tight-fisted-chunky-crayon-style, Michael knows he cannot due justice to the images in the way a talented illustrator can.

Fingertip sketch - green

Quick 5-minute fingertip sketch on a touchscreen

Michael seeks one or more illustrators or designers to partner with on the website, and eventually, the novel itself. Perhaps we can find a mutually-beneficial relationship, but more importantly, bring some magic into the world.


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