The Prince

I wrote the character of Samor many years ago as the central hero in an epic fantasy tale. Named by combining the name of my first son with ‘armor’ (for strength and an indicator of his future), the story would follow him from childhood into adulthood, where he won back his father’s stolen crown. I set aside the story for years, unsure of its future or, to be honest, what the narrative was beyond that. It was unfocused and unsure whether it wanted to be a Tarantino-inspired tale of violent war or a bedtime book for kids.

In the Autumn 2015, I decided I needed to start writing again. Really writing. For real. My story would no longer be about a boy (and now his little brother, since we had a second child), but it would be about twins. A boy and a girl. Similar to the previous idea, they would be struggling to regain the lost crown, but in a world where everyone thought they were dead.

Thus, Tildy came to life. Sprung to life, I should say. She was easier to write because it was a fresh start on a new character. In fact, she was so easy to write, I decided to devote the entire first book to her, creating a parallel series for her brother later.

As such, Samor’s story will wait just a little longer.