3D Rendering

Imagine as a writer, not only having a visual in your mind and words on the page, but an actual figure to hold in your hands or display at your keyboard. That is exactly what the custom miniature site Hero Forge has allowed me to do. I think it also helps those readers who are looking to expand their experience with these characters. Enjoy!

Tildy, the Lost Princess. The first I designed (of course!) and ordered. After painting her, I will put her on a flying pedestal.

Small of frame, Tildy is a thirteen-year-old girl whose appearance seems to shift with the light. She also possesses the ability to reveal and hide her wings. An ordinary human by all other accounts, how she can transform – and to what extent – is as yet unknown.


The Witch, Tildy’s guardian. She found Tildy as a baby amongst the wreckage of a caravan. Who the baby was and what became of her parents has yet to be discovered.

Tildy has seen little more than her skill at herblore and healing, though there is a palpable sense of power that surrounds her adoptive mother. Outwardly, the witch shows little sign of aging, aside from her gray hair. She wearies like a person far older and displays the wisdom of an aged scholar.