Writing background

c. 1984 (age 10) – started writing The Great Racecar Mystery, a story featuring the Hardy Boys

1989 – begins writing untitled comic book series

1991-1992 – Feature, sports, and fiction writer for high school paper, Hoofbeat

1994 – Changed major from Computer Science to English Writing at the end of sophomore year.  Started writing a lot more.

1995 – Contributor to college newspaper at Concordia College

1996 – Short story “The Deer Stand” published in Afterwork at at Concordia College

1996 – Short story “The Crow Kept Pulling” published in Afterwork at at Concordia College

c. 1995 – started writing epic novel Days of Olde (later abandoned)

1998 – Short story “Cannibal Lies” published at (now defunct) Horror & Gore Online*

1998 – Short story “Mama Said, Mama Said” published at Horror & Gore Online*

1998 – Short story “Sweet Knife” published at Horror & Gore Online*

1998 – started Wallevand’s Words (blog)

1999-2003 – executive letter writer for Best Buy, including correspondence with the office of the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau

2001-present – Freelance business owner, offering professional writing services for small businesses, job seekers, and fiction writers

2003-2008 – Promotion Planner for Best Buy, which included writing and developing marketing/advertising strategies; copywriting; proofreading; and designing presentation decks

2005 – Wallevand’s Grand Blog-o-rama

2006 – Wrote several drafts of novella Heal (abandoned)

2006 – Wrote and prepared Best Buy PowerPoint deck for presentation to Sir George Martin and Neil Aspinall (of the Beatles and Apple Corps)

2007 – 2010 – Wrote several children’s books and short stories (unpublished)

2007 – Worked with start-up company to develop children’s stories for bilingual families

2009 – Started WordPress blog Wallevand’s Fiction

2009 – Top Honorable Mention and Honorable Mention in Tworror writing contest on Twitter for Forever Nocturne magazine

2009 – Started pursuing representation for children’s books; then stopped

2009 – began seven-year pause on writing career

2010-2012 – Sr. Marketer at Thomson Reuters, responsible for marketing the flagship product of the nation’s largest online legal service, FindLaw

2012-2015 – Product Manager at Thomson Reuters: product developer and content strategist

2015-present – Sr. Product Manager at Thomson Reuters

2015 – started writing The Lost Royals series

2016 – developed this website and social presence to market The Lost Royals


*Horror & Gore Online is now defunct, taking with it the only copies of these stories. I was not very careful backing up my writing back then.

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