Giving Back

In parallel with his work on The Lost Royals, Michael is founding a nonprofit charity: Dreamwriter Press.

DWP will create and distribute illustrated children’s books for hospitals, home-away-from-home facilities, and other related care centers.

The mission of Dreamwriter Press is to provide entertaining storybooks that help families briefly escape the painful medical situations that have disrupted their lives.

Michael knows firsthand of the therapeutic effects of family storytime, having watched his elder son read to his younger son through the plastic canopy of an isolette in the Children’s Hospital NICU.


His passion for this project is fueled by a desire to help other families endure what might be the most difficult time of their lives. Even if only for a few minutes, a brief escape through the gateway of a book can help brighten the darker days.

Our first project is tentatively entitled, The Dragon and the Princess, and recounts an early story of Tildy’s life in Evereign and the dragon who never gave up hope when she disappeared.

More information coming soon.


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