Here’s what you get when you work with me.

Solid work ethic – I have performed business writing of various kinds for twenty years, so I am accustomed to making tight deadlines. In my personal life, I write every day, even if it’s only taking a few minutes to jot down some notes. It’s like physical exercise: it gets easier the more I do it while forcing me to keep pushing my limits.

Storytelling – I love folklore and mythology, especially the fairy tales where unsuspecting people fall into traps laid by mischievous or malevolent beings. There’s the sense that the protagonist has stumbled into a story that has been going on for years, and he or she is as likely to become another victim as get out of the situation. The characters in my horror and fantasy tales find themselves being written into a greater legend. I strive to provide a brief part of a grand story.

Scene description – I receive a lot of positive feedback about the descriptions I use. I’m not sure what I do differently than others. I just walk through my scenes and verbally illustrate what I see. How much detail I provide is dependent on the pace I need to establish.

Collaboration –  I work and play well with others, partially the result of my project management experience. I know I’m not going to get published without help, but I’m not looking for people to work for me. I’m looking for people to work with me. I have no issue taking creative advice and I am always looking for ways to improve a manuscript. I want to work with an agent and publisher to put out high-quality, entertaining stories.

Taking criticism – From hearing, “This could use a rewrite” or “I love this!” to standing up in a crowded room in response to “Ugh, who wrote this?”, I’ve regularly been on the receiving end of criticism, constructive and otherwise. I’ll take it all. I crave multiple points of view because it allows me to see the world from many angles, all of which are useful.

My sounding board – I currently have about 6 people who regularly read my drafts, though the pool of people I can tap into is around 30. Their backgrounds include avid readers, a literature teacher, and horror buffs. They are family, friends, area students, and strangers who found me on Google. I find having a diverse group is beneficial as, again, it gives me several different points of view.

Last updated November 17, 2019