Writing update: June 18, 2016

This post is about 350 words.

Doctor Who 1

This morning, it came to me. And I love when that happens.

Recently, I’ve started taking longer walks with the dogs. I prefer mornings for the relative quiet, which allows me to work on my novel in my head as we go. Every day, I have between 30 and 60 minutes of concentration time, not factoring in doggie clean-ups, where I can work through segments of the book. I’ve seen incredible productivity improvements from this new routine and I’d recommend it if you’re looking to expand your own writing process.

Anything is game, though some days I have specific sections on which I want to focus. This morning, my mind was wide open, wandering aimlessly, while my feet followed a specific path in the park. Then the title for a future book came out of nowhere, putting me into a quandary.

For a series planned to span thirteen books, I generally force myself to stay on the book at hand. If I don’t, there are just too many possibilities to consider at once. You’ve probably experienced something similar if you’ve been to a restaurant with an enormous menu: there’s too much to chose from, making the decision that much harder. I refer to this as ‘paralysis of choice’, and for writers, I believe it’s a significant factor in story abandonment, something that’s plagued my previous attempts at fiction.

When anything is possible, nothing is possible.

I won’t share the title yet, but it delighted and inspired me. Ideas starting popping like nighttime fireworks – but I had to put it off. And while it was killing me throughout the walk, I’m getting over it now. There’s inspiration and motivation to be gained by withholding that tantalizing or desirable thing.

Now the title, and a few brief notes, are safely downloaded from my brain to my master series file, waiting for my eventual return. Someday, I’ll bring you with me.


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