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The Book of the Lost Royals is a massive tome of two million words in a realm of nearly as many peoples. Hidden from time in a secret vault that knew no decay, it promises to recount an unknown history from an age of wonders. And now, a meticulous translation has begun.

Starting from the front and reading toward the center, the Book tells of Amethestra Straverian, lost princess of the Kingdom of Evereign. A baby abandoned in the wilds, she was found by the unlikeliest caretaker, the one person in all of Empyrelia who might protect her from those dark forces that sought to destroy the world. Under this mysterious witch’s careful, if unusual tutelage, the girl known as Tildy will discover the world beyond the protective borders of the Garden of Dappledown.

Astute observers might find themselves compelled to flip the book over, finding there the start of the tale of Prince Adamantin Straverian, her brother. His story progresses also toward the middle, recounting how he was smuggled to safety under a dead child’s name, by an adoptive mother who would never love him as equally as the child he replaced. The boy known as Samor has grown up behind the walls of the remote ice fortress Yrrengard, being tutored and trained to recover the crown he is unaware he has lost.

As their tales converge, we see the Book’s final chapters telling the same story, but from different perspectives. Before the end, the children of Queen Themesteria and King Therald must work together to save a kingdom they never knew.

In these diminished days of lesser peoples, the tome is being split into thirteen translated volumes that recount the tales of the lost royals, their loves and loss, their triumphs and defeats, and their journey to recover the lives that were taken from them. A dyad tale in which two halves of a sibling pair are brought together to restore a family, a kingdom, and a crown.

Hello, and welcome to the website for the fantasy book series, The Lost Royals!

Here you can learn about the primary characters, read excerpts, immerse yourself in a new world, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the process of bringing a book series to life!

We’ll also share character concepts, location inspirations, and doodles. The challenges and the pain. The art of writing and the words themselves. Failures and successes.

Here lie a few points of interests for the newcomer:

♠  The Princess and the Prince – Learn more about our heroes via character studies, excerpts, writing history, and more.

♠  Social Presence – Each site employs a different approach, providing a specific experience to allow you to engage in the world of The Lost Royals in your preferred manner.

♠  Resources – This is the real behind-the-scenes stuff about Michael’s writing process. Equal parts method and madness.

♠  Maps and Imagery – Sometimes a quick thumbnail sketch in the margins helps visualize a key element of a tricky scene.

♠  Excerpts – for now, draft sections of the first book. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Thanks for joining us on this thrilling journey from concept to finished novel! Now, get comfortable and let us take you to a distant land, many years ago…

Do you see it? The entrance to the forest of Dappledown opens before us: towering brown and gray pillars topped with arches of myriad green. Take my hand and I’ll introduce you to Tildy, a girl living in the heart of a haunted forest, hidden away from the world that will one day welcome her as the lost princess of Evereign.

Enjoy what you just read? Leave a comment or like the post and we’ll ensure that you see more like this from Michael!

© Michael Wallevand, June 2016

Last updated October 11, 2021


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