Writing Update: May 12, 2017

This post is approximately 300 words. Two months later.

I’ve been talking with some writers and conducting some interviews lately, and it occurred to me that I’ve been ignoring this blog. However, I didn’t realize it had been TWO MONTHS since I’d posted.

clint disappointed

That’s disappointing.

March was busy and April flew by ridiculously fast. And now we’re halfway through May. The good news – for those interested in the book – is that I haven’t been idle. At least four more chapters have been cut-up, torched, and polished, and a few more have also gone through the writing wringer.

The editing and re-writing hasn’t been easy, however. For me, I’ve spent most of the first two-thirds of the story setting things up and slowly painting my hero into a corner. Now I’ve got to untangle that web and see how she saves the day.

SPOILER: She saves the day. But perhaps, not without cost.

But man, oh man, there are a few things I’m excited to finally share with trusted readers: love, betrayal, and temptation are amongst my favorite developments. Despite my best laid plans moderately conceived and casually laid out plans, the story still surprises me at times. I’ve also found some magical inspiration to get me out of complicated plot developments.

And speaking of trusted readers, I’ve picked up a few over the last two months (and I’m always looking for more). Feedback has remained largely positive, though I’ve been challenged on a few passages that will need some work. And that’s fine – that’s exactly why you have trusted readers.

So (he says, lacking time to properly write a conclusion), things are still rocking and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.



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© Michael Wallevand, May 2017


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