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Fancy RWelcome to the website for my fantasy book series, The Lost Royals. These books follow the royal twins, who were thought killed when their kingdom was invaded.

Unlike a typical book where the point-of-view switches between primary characters, each book in The Lost Royals focuses on one of the twins. So, in our first adventure we walk with the princess in the forests of the south. When it concludes, we journey north in the second book to explore the ice fortress where the prince is being raised. Each pairing of books occurs over the same timeframe, so for example, when the princess sees a Dragonflight racing north, we see them soar into action in the prince’s story.

However, if a reader is only interested in one of the characters, let’s say the princess, the reader isn’t missing anything in her narrative by skipping the prince’s books.

At over 70,000 words, the first draft of the initial book is almost complete. So, I’m taking some time to get the marketing going. Y’know, in the hopes of attracting some draft reviewers (and maybe even creating some fans).

What can you expect from this site? In addition to updates on story progression and sharing draft excerpts, I like to ramble talk about the joys and frustrations of writing. Tildy 3D - 2Inspirations, too. Hopefully, I’ll even come up with some writing tips that I can share.

Eventually, things like concept art, maps, and character bios will live here, so you’d get previews of new lands and info about races like the trolls, dreddendows, dragons, and orklins.

That’s enough for an initial post. It’s time to return to the land Empyrelia to see if I can find the lost Princess before the slither-withers do.

Michael Wallevand, soon-to-be author

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